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Tara Jarmon is a Paris-based Canadian fashion designer. Born in Canada, she moved to Newport Beach, California in high school. Jarmon launched her self-titled clothing line over 20 years ago, which now spans 23 free-standing Tara Jarmon boutiques and 80 store-in-store locations throughout Europe and Asia. It was really sweet to shoot their new collection with social influencer Leia Sfez



Another day, another incredible shoot with the team from Glamour magazine.

The photos have a very understated, cool vibe to them. They were taken in the streets surrounding Montmartre in Paris - a building itself that despite it's impressive size and glamorous look, is also very understated and cool. 

You can catch these shots in the September Issue of Glamour! 

Photographer: Guillaume Lechat, Fashion Editor: Margot Rousseau, Model: Diana Radan @ Premium Models, Coiff Maq: Nobu


I'm really delighted with these latest snaps! They were taken at the Yves Rocher Eco spa at La Galicy. When you're lucky enough to go to a spa, you want to come out feeling clean and fresh and weirdly, that's exactly how these pictures feel. I love shooting outdoors - especially when it's bright and sunny. They'll be used by Yves Rocher this summer - so keep an eye out for them!


Everyone, this is Elise.

Elise, this is everyone.

I met up with the 27-year-old illustrator and a textile designer as part of my People of Paris project. 

Elise, who describes her style as either simple, with touches of colors, or full of pattern, reckons her new apartment is the best secret place in Paris! (She also rates La Buvette restaurant on Rue Henri Monnier!) 

And her advice for someone wanting to move to Paris? Don't hesitate to move! Elise thinks it's a great and romantic city and she loves the way of life here - especially being able to ride bikes around the city and meet up with friends for a glass of wine outside in the sunshine. 

You can check out the rest of her snaps - and her new apartment - by clicking here


Whether you're a local or a tourist - there's one thing we all agree on - Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. And, there's no better way to see it than at sunset. 

These pictures were taken for a personal project. Armed with my cameras the gang and I, safely, climbed onto the roof of an apartment in the 9eme disctrict. With the warm summer sun setting over the rows and rows of roofs and chimneys - it really was breathtaking.

It was such a fun and easy shoot - and I can honestly say, I've never seen Paris look so magical.