From the moment I picked up a camera I've had a real passion for shooting skateboarders. So, when I saw Sally Carden skating around the streets of Paris I knew this would be a great shoot!

22-year-old Australian export Sally has only been in the city for a few months but she's already made the most of her time here by skating around and seeing the sights. Sally describes her style as fun, different and unique. She hates wearing the same things as other people which is why most of the finds in her wardrobe come from Thrift/Retro stores. Sally thinks her style, which is completely different from the typical Parisian style, is the reason she gets funny looks but we reckon it's her epic skateboarding skills! 

Sally, who hails from the cool streets of Melbourne, loves the way it makes her body feel, and the unique style each person has to the way they skate, she hails it as its own art form.

You can get to know Sally and the rest of the People of Paris here: